Cristiano Ronaldo’s Plane Involved In An Accident

Cristiano Ronaldo’s private plane was involved in an accident at the Barcelona airport. The incident took place on Monday night when it was landing at the El Prat Airport.


The landing gear of the Gulfstream G200 broke down on impact with the runway and that led to the accident. The incident forced airport authorities to close one of the runways to clear the same.


The Real Madrid star was not on the plane when the incident took place nor were any of his family members. It is believed that the plane was rented out by the Real Madrid star to a private company.


SPORT are reporting that only the pilot suffered minor injuries and that nobody else was hurt in the crash. Sources confirmed to Mirror Football that the player nor his family was on the plane when the incident happened.


“The plane is normally rented by companies and it was in use by one of them. Cristiano Ronaldo, his family or friends were not on the plane. The incident had no major consequences.” said the source.

It is very clear that Cristiano Ronaldo was not involved in the accident as he was in Germany at the time of the incident. Ronaldo was scheduled to represent Real Madrid at

Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday night in the Champions League, in a match which ended in a 2-2 draw with the Portuguese star scoring the first goal of the game.



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