Jeff Asare Urges Home Based Coaches To Develop Self Believe

Ace Ghanaian Sports journalist and researcher, Jeffery Asare, has openly called on the Ghanaian home based coaches to develop self and can do attitude if they are to succeed with the National teams. The editor in Chief of Primeval media consult, blamed the managerial short comings led by lack of self belief of our home based trainers for their woes at the club level.

The revered statistician singled out player management and lack of self believe as one of the main flaws of the home based tacticians both at club and national level. The veteran sports journalist identified player management as one integral pillar which can build relationships between players and coaches or prove injurious to the course of the coach.

“Home based coaches in Ghana do not have the managerial skill aside their coaching skill.

The coaches lack self believe and can do attitude when given the nod both at the club and national team level.

“They have not developed an attitude of getting personal and so close to their players to manage them outside the pitch”, Jeffery Asare said on Soccer Chat.

Known as Apostle in the soccer family , the Kumasi born sports journalist remained one of the rare breed of complete journalists in recent years with indepth knowledge on sports and politics. Many home based fans share similar faith against the local coaches due to the distance between the players and their coaches.

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Written by Saani Abacha


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